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Starbucks wish a ‘Merry Coffee’ this holiday season with four new cup designs

Every year Starbucks launches a new holiday design on their cups. The coffee shop has created over 50 designs over the years. But for this year, the company wishes their customers a “Merry Coffee” through a series of four designs in shades of red, white and Starbucks signature green color.

Additionally, the company also brought back its limited edition reusable red cup. Customers who bring in their red cup after 2 p.m. between November 7 through January 6, will receive 50 cents off their holiday beverage.

Typography was used as the main illustrative element for three of the designs, with whole letters rotated for a musical, song-like quality. While the fourth cup is covered in polka dots. Each cup design has a unifying green stripe on the back, finishing the cup like a ribbon.

  1. Polka Dots

This cup is covered in Starbucks traditional red color with green polka dots all around. The Starbucks Siren also pops up randomly on some of the polka dots.

  1. Merry Dance

Typography is used for this cup as it has a combination red and green letters that spell out “Merry Coffee” all around the white cup.

  1. Merry Stripes

This third cup has a vintage look as its colored in green and has small letters wrapped around small white letters.

  1. Candy Cane Stripes

For the fourth cup, the holiday colors all come together. The cup has big green tilted letters falling like snow on top of red and white stripes.


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